This is strictly an opinion piece.  I’m sure there are those out there who subscribe to this theory.  This is mine. 

There is an adage that “….loud pipes save lives….”.  I will be very honest when I say that I do not believe in this idea based on a couple of reasons. 

1. When you are riding, most of the noise coming from your tailpipes is pushed behind you. So in order for people to hear you coming, your pipes have to be modified to be so extremely loud and annoying that it is deafening to everyone – including yourself. 

2. Riding with someone who has really loud pipes is annoying and distracting.   Eventually, after riding behind someone with annoyingly loud pipes it becomes such a distraction that you begin concentrating on the sound of the pipes in front of you instead of the safety elements around you. Kind of like when riding with someone in front of you who has left their blinker on for the past 10 km. 

3. Loud pipes don’t save lives. Riding skills do. Solely relying on loud pipes to let people know you are in their blind spot means you are neglecting life saving riding skills that let you react to whatever situation arises. 

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