Up up and away

Today was the day for another adventure. One that was not on my “radar” by any means, until a week ago when a radio ad peaked my interest.

Fly away on a historic mail tour, rated as one of the top five outdoor adventures.

I’m not sure what it was that enticed me about this – but it was a seed that was planted. And it took route.

After a week I found the information I needed and discovered it was reasonably priced.


I arranged to take the Wednesday off work as the flight would start at 1pm.


At the time of booking the flight I was told to report to the hanger at 12:30 for a 1:00 pm departure. Being I was a tad excited, I showed up at noon to make sure I was there in time. After paying the $192.00, I was informed there were only going to be 3 passengers so we would be taking the Cessna.
Luckily, the other two passengers had the same idea as I did and showed up early as well. Considering it was only us, the pilot decided to depart early.


After showing us the route map, the post offices were shown. Our first stop was Refuge Cove. A quick stop over there, then to Surge Narrows and the finally Big Bay.

It was a perfect flight in a cloud clear sky with endless gorgeous scenery.


Coralair waiting area (aka the hanger)
Flying over Quadra Island
Our ‘mode’ of transport – Cessna
Taxing in to Refuge Cove
Our little plane – a Cessna with floats on it.
The post office at Surge Narrows
Over Surge Narrows

We left at 12:30 pm and arrived back at just a little after 3pm. Well worth the cost and well worth the adventure

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