The Run North

Odometre Reading: 45637.9

Saturday, July 13 was the day set for the North Vancouver Island ride and it could not have dawned any more beautiful. The skies were blue and clear as we gathered in the parking lot of the Discovery Shopping Centre. The one feature that makes this mall desirable is that it affords motorcyclists the opportunity of fuel for the bikes, fuel for the body (by way of A&W) and fuel for the wallet (in the form of an ATM at the TD Bank) all within a few hundred metres of each other. Meeting at 11:30am we had a bit of a planning session over burgers at the A & W, then had the more formal pre-ride just prior to noon, and headed north on Hwy 97.

Traffic north of Campbell River proved to be typical – as in light but there is a typical ‘north island resident’ trait of pushing the foot to the floor once on the north road because of the 100km speed limit and the lack of Provincial Tax Collectors.

We traveled north to Sayward where we stopped for a bit of a break and a top up for gas before continuing to one of our planned destinations ~ Telegraph Cove. A small little coastal cove on the west side of Vancouver island, it is a perfect spot for those who wish the opportunity of exploring a historic coastal town that runs on Cove Time. We arrived there shortly after 1:30 pm and spent the better part of an hour poking and exploring, looking and gawking at historic boardwalk houses and the local Whale Museum. Some gawked, while others just sat and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Departing at 3:30, we made the short ride up to Port McNeill where we arrived around 4:30pm and checked in to the Haida Way Hotel for the evening.

A short jaunt around town showed me how much the town had changed since my departure in 1995 and how much had stayed the same. It was a wonderful short trip into the past for me.

We enjoyed the fair at the pub as well as some of the bevies – then took the time to watch the sun set on a very satisfying day.

Sunday dawned a tad gloomy and black. For a little while I had honestly thought we were going to see some rain on our windshields but after the initial threat – the clouds made their way AWAY from us.

Heading south, we stopped at Woss at the Lucky Logger Pub for some very nice sushi and ended up in Campbell River at around 2:00pm to end our short little foray up north.

A great ride and a great day.






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